ChatGPT and AI Email Copywriting Prompts

Struggling to craft engaging email copy that converts? You’re not alone. But what if there was a way to leverage the power of AI to effortlessly create compelling emails tailored to your specific needs?

This post will dive into the concept of “warming up” ChatGPT for email copywriting, revealing the key steps to unlock its full potential and generate high-performing email campaigns.

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How to warm up ChatGPT for Email Copywriting

Warming up any generative AI tool is important if you want the best results. Here is what we typically provide AI to warm it for a prompt:

  • Campaign goals: Briefly explain the purpose and desired outcome of the email campaign.
  • Target audience: Describe the recipient demographics, interests, and pain points.
  • Brand voice and tone: Specify the desired tone (formal, casual, humorous, etc.) and brand voice guidelines.
  • Specific instructions: Clearly outline the message you want to convey, call to action, and any specific requirements for the copy.

5 Prompts for Great Email Copy

Here are 5 specific prompts we use to write amazing emails for ourselves and clients. Enter specific details for anything in brackets for best results.

  1. “Using the ‘Features-Advantages-Benefits’ framework, please write an email marketing campaign that highlights the [features] of our [product/service] and explains how these [advantages] can be helpful to [ideal customer persona]. Elaborate on the [benefits] of our product and how it can positively impact the reader.

  2. “Write an email marketing campaign using the ‘PASTOR’ framework to address the pain points of [customer persona details] and present our [product/service] as the solution. Identify the [problem] they are facing, amplify the consequences of not solving it, tell a [story] related to the problem, include [testimonials] from happy customers, present our [offer], and ask for a response.

  3. “Using the ‘Before-After-Bridge’ framework, please write an email marketing campaign that presents the current situation with a [problem] faced by [ideal customer persona]. Show them the world after using our [product/service] and how it has improved their situation. Then, provide a [bridge] to show them how they can get to that improved state by using our product.

  4. “Write an email marketing campaign using the ‘Attention-Interest-Desire-Action’ framework to grab the attention of [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to take action. Start with a bold statement to get their attention, present information that piques their [interest], state the benefits of our [product/service] to create [desire], and ask for a sign-up or purchase.

  5. “Using the ‘Problem-Agitate-Solve’ framework, please write an email marketing campaign that identifies the most painful [problem] faced by [ideal customer persona] and agitates the issue to show why it is a bad situation. Then, present our [product/service] as the logical solution to the problem.

From mundane to magnificent, ChatGPT can be your secret weapon for crafting captivating email copy. By providing clear instructions, understanding the different prompt frameworks, and utilizing our provided examples, you’ll be well on your way to writing emails that resonate with your audience and drive results. So unleash the power of AI and watch your email marketing efforts soar!

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