Share of SERP Audit for SEO

Share of SERP refers to the visibility or presence of a website or webpage within the search engine results page. It indicates the percentage of times a website appears in the SERPs for specific keywords or search queries relevant to its content.

What is a SERP?

SERP (Search Engine Results Page): SERP is the page displayed by a search engine in response to a user’s search query. It typically includes a list of organic search results, paid advertisements, featured snippets, images, videos, local map listings, and other relevant elements.


How to setup your audit with a free template

1. Copy the free share of serp template right here.

2. Duplicate the file “CLIENT NAME – Share of SERP Audit Template”

3. Use the client’s most impactful 3 BOFU Keywords

4. Use the Following Share of SERP Audit as a Guide:

How to perform a share of SERP audit

1. Enter the all of the top BOFU Keywords into an Incognito Google search

2. Map out the first page’s results, noting if there is a Google Ad block in the top and/or bottom of the page.

3. After copying each link on the keywords tab, go to each link, one and by, and look for three things:

– Is the client listed anywhere?

– If it’s a list with us and other competitors, where do we rank?

– Is there an AdSense or DoubleClick banner/ad running on the page at all?

4. Open and put the URL in to determine if the page ranks for other BOFU keywords – Click on Organic Rankings.

5. Repeat for each keyword.

6. On the first tab, summarize the Opportunities found in each keyword tab (Which pages should we try and rank higher or at all, which pages have GDN placements, etc.)

– Site Name is different than the url

– Next Steps should be your recommendation for what to do with this opportunity

– Notes should be any particular insight you may have about this opportunity (super low DA, not actually relevant, etc.)

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