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What We Review

A well designed website will attract your target audience and encourage them to stay on your site longer. A poorly designed website will turn away potential customers because they won’t feel comfortable there. Your goal should be to create a website that attracts attention while still keeping your visitors engaged. Our review will give you design tips for cleaning up your site’s appearance.

Navigation is an essential function of any website. People need to easily navigate around your site to get what they’re looking for. A poorly designed navigation system could cause users frustration and lead them away from your page. We evaluate if your navigation is clear and intuitive to use.

We help businesses get found online through SEO. We analyze your current site and provide recommendations on what needs to happen to increase traffic and sales. 

Content is king on the Internet. If you’re not creating great content, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to get leads and increase conversions. Your website should be filled with information that helps potential clients solve problems and answer questions. You need to create content that is easy to read and interesting. Don’t just write about yourself – talk about how you help your potential customers. 

A 404 error occurs when a web server receives an HTTP request for a resource that does not exist. A 404 response code indicates that the requested resource could not be located on the server. When users attempt to access nonexistent resources, they may receive either a blank screen, a default HTML document listing directory contents, or an error message indicating that the resource cannot be displayed. We search for any potential broken links and bring them to your attention.

Did you also know that 47% of users expect websites to load within two seconds? That means that nearly half of all web traffic comes from impatient users. And even worse, about 40% will leave your website if its slow to load! If your website isn’t optimized for speed, you could lose out on potential customers every month. Our team looks at load times, especially mobile loads, assess why your website might be loading slowly, and what we can do to help.