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Marketing services based in South Bend, Indiana

South bend web design agency

Build and Scale Your Business with Our Strategic, Custom Websites


Page speed is a key component of user experience on a website. It’s also an important Google ranking factor. Your website speed and core web vitals are always a priority in our process.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile is key and a Google ranking factor. We only build responsive websites. Your website will pass all mobile friendly tests.

Conversion Optimized

As a web design and marketing agency, every choice we make is strategic. Every web element is designed to deliver value to your audience and convert them to the next stage in the buyer journey.

It’s time to get in front of your customers. Getting started is easy.

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We craft your web design from scratch.

Cookie cutters are great for the holidays, but not for your company website.

1. Strategy and Planning

We work with you to clarify your website goals, determine how we’ll measure success, align on your customer pain points and collaborate on your website plan.

2. Sitemap

Using keyword research and your company goals, we build out an SEO friendly sitemap that is easy for customers and search engines to explore.

3. Information Architecture

Using the sitemap, we build each page's information architecture, and bring clarity to the page structure, content hierarchy, and user journey.

4. Wireframes

We use the information architecture to develop wireframes, which are essentially a navigable prototype of your web design. These help us visualize how copy, imagery, and illustrations will be laid out on each page.

5. Copywriting

We bring your story to life through copy, thinking carefully about each section of each page to ensure we’re presenting your audience with the content they need, when they need it.

6. UI Design

Often the most anticipated step in web design services, here we design and present the visual components of your website – page layout, copy, components, imagery, typography, iconography, and illustrations.

Featured Web Projects

BX Films

We created a landing page specifically with the creative director in mind. We wanted it to be fun and creative to reach their target demographic.

Peppermint Creek Theatre

Peppermint Creek Theatre needed an artsy feeling site that they could use to promote upcoming shows and sell tickets from. 

I Vaccinate

I Vaccinate needed a website that would help build trust with their community and be easy for the user to find a wealth of information regarding childhood vaccines.

Web Design FAQs

Common questions about our web design process and services

WordPress is our bread and butter. It’s not without some headaches but we can do pretty much anything you want by using it’s powerful features. Is it perfect? No, but there really isn’t a perfect CMS out there and we’ve found ways to make WordPress pretty great.

Our website design process usually takes 8-12 weeks. We work on strict timelines and we use great project management techniques to stay on schedule. 

Our custom website design and development typically starts at $12,500. Although discounts can be applied with ongoing marketing add-ons. 

We generally offer three rounds of feedback for each step of the process. Typically, we design the homepage with three rounds of revisions, and then design all the interior pages with an additional three rounds of revisions.


For me, communication is key – I like to know that when I have a question, it will be answered quickly. Ashley and his team not only responded to every question but turned around solutions with professional courtesy and expert speed that ensured our project stayed on time, on budget and – most importantly – achieved our desired outcomes.

Eric Clayton - Senior Communications Manager Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States