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BX Films is a nimble San Francisco video production that has worked with brands like Toyota, PayPal, IBM, Bed Bath & Beyond and GE to name a few. They came to us because they needed a website that showcased their tremendous portfolio.

It’s not every day you get to partner with an incredibly talented and creative team so we were thrilled when BX Films chose us to help them design and build their new website. When approaching this project, we faced two distinct challenges: 1) the website had to look as good as their videos do, and 2) the website had to easy for their team to use and add content. 

A design that gets out of the way

While we wanted the design of the site to look great, we were also quite aware of the role the website played – to showcase stellar video content. When working on projects that are highly creative, the temptation is to wow users with the website design, but that can defeat the purpose of the website. The best design solves problems – it should never create new problems while solving other problems.

To accomplish this end, we showcased the clients primary video reel as the background of the header. Immediately the user sees their work is legit. The user doesn’t need to click on any buttons or scroll anywhere – they immediately see how highly skilled the client is without needing to do a single thing. 

We also created a grid to showcase their work. Instead of using a simple grid of rectangle images (which would accommodate a 16×9 video easily) we instead used a mosaic grid that allowed for unique dimensions to work well side-by-side and evoked a sense of creativity while not getting too crazy and distracting. 

There was also a unique challenge here in that grabbing screenshots of 6 random videos and placing them side-by-side made them look slightly out of place. As a result, we made sure the coloring of each of the video thumbnails were adjusted to ensure the videos would look good next to each other. 

Easy to Edit

We’re always here to give our client’s a hand when needed but we also recognize that for some of our clients, it’s really important that they can make the edits to the site themselves. When creating a website with various videos and logos nested in divs, things can get pretty complicated fast. If you know code, it’s easy to make the adjustments, but rarely do our clients know code. 

Our solution to this problem was to use a page builder tool that made it extremely easy for our clients to make edits to the website and add new videos when needed. The best part is our clients never have to mess around with code. They simply add urls to various fields on the site and almost like magic, the content appears where it should for the front end user. 

We believe that websites can be a company’s greatest asset but we’ve seen so often that asset go unused because websites aren’t always easy to use. This is why we’re determined to always create a no-code solution for our clients when building their websites. 

Many thanks to BX Films for entrusting their website build to us. Looking forward to future projects with some of the most creative and talented people we know. 

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For me, communication is key – I like to know that when I have a question, it will be answered quickly. Ashley and his team not only responded to every question but turned around solutions with professional courtesy and expert speed that ensured our project stayed on time, on budget and – most importantly – achieved our desired outcomes.
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