Marketing Acronyms for Reference

If you work in marketing, you know how much us marketers love to use acronyms. It can be so confusing – especailly for those new to the industry. Here is a cheat sheet you can use with all the acronyms we use at Bend Marketing.

What are marketing acronyms?

An acronym is a word formed from the first letters of each word in a phrase or title. For example, PPC is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click Acronyms are often used as shorthand or abbreviations for longer terms, and they are commonly used in various industries and fields, including marketing, technology, government, and education.


Marketing acronym list

ABM Accounts Based Marketing
ACRC Annual Customer Retention Cost
ACV Average Contract Value
AE Account Executive
AMER North, Central and South America
AOV Average Order Value
APAC Asia Pacific
ARR Annual Recurring Revenue
B2B Business to Business
B4B Business for Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BANT Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline
BDR Business Development Representative
BI Business Intelligence
BOFU Bottom Of Funnel
CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
CDN Content Delivery Network
CDP Customer Data Platform
CPA Cost Per Acquisition
CPE Cost Per Engagaement
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
CPM Cost Per Thousand
CPO Cost Per Opportunity
CPQL Cost Per Qualified Lead
CR Conversion Ratio
CRC Customer Retention Cost
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO Chief Revenue Officer
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSM Customer Success Manager
CTA Call To Action
CTV Connected TeleVision
CVHT Cost per High Value Target
CVR Conversion Rate
CWV Core Web Vitals
DMP Data Management Platform
DKI Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLI Dynamic Location Insertion
DSP Demand Side Platforms
EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa
FAE Field Account Executive
FTE Full Time Employee
GA Google Analytics
GCLID Google Click Identifier
GDN Google Display Network
GTM Google Tag Manager or Go To Market
GSC Google Search Console
HVT High Value Target
ICE Impact, Confidence, Ease
ICP Ideal Candidate Profile
IDID Interactive Demo Intent Data
IS Impression Share
JTBD Jobs To Be Done
KPI Key Performance Indicators
LGF Lead Generation Form
LTV Lifetime Value
MAS Marketing Automation Software
MDR Marketing Development representative
MQA Marketing Quality Assurance – or – Marketing Qualified Account
MMR Monthly Managed Revenue
MQL Marketing Qualified Lead
MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue
NLP Natural Language Processing
NPS Net Promoter Score
NSM North Star Metric
OCT Offline Conversion Tracking
OKRs Objectives and Key Results
PCS Performance Creative Services
PIP Performance Improvement Plan
PMP Private Marketplace
POC Point of Contact
POS Point Of Sale
PTC People, Tools, Content
QBR Quarterly Business Review
QS Questions
QTD Quarter-to-date
RLSA Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
ROAS Return On Advertising Spend
ROI Return On Investment
RSA Responsive Search Ads
RTB Real Time Bidding
RTP Real Time Personalization
SAAS Software As A Service
SAL Sales Accepted Lead
SC Sponsored Content
SDR Sales Development Rep
SFDC Sales Force Dot Com
SKAG Single Keyword Ad Group
SLA Service Level Agreement
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMB Small to Medium Business
SMP Single Minded Proposition
SOW Statement of Work
SQL Sales Qualified Lead
SQO Sales Qualified Opportunity
SSP Supply Side Platform
TAM Total Addressable Market
TOFU Top Of Funnel
UTM Urchin Traffic Monitor
UVP Unique Value Proposition
VCR Video Completion Rate
VTR View Through Rate

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