How Much Does Website Design Cost in 2023?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, nothing trumps your website. It is the online home for your business where you can showcase your work and make an impression. Creating an impressive hub will attract more customers and clients — but at what cost?

What Will Your Website Redesign Cost?

  • Designing a website yourself slashes the website design pricing, as you can use a website builder for as little as $1.95 per month
  • Electing an agency to build you a simple but custom website design can range from $8k to $30k.
  • For a large and complex site, a web design cost can fall anywhere between $40k and $75k, which is far from a small investment. 

Is a Website Design Worth the Cost?

Short answer — yes. A hefty sum might be off the cards for small businesses and startups, but a professional-looking website is a must. Choose a website design cost within your budget, and create a site that fulfills your needs and serves your customers without breaking the bank. Investing in a quality design will often be worth the website development costs. 


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What is the Cost of Designing Your Own Website? 

As many features aren’t essential, designing your own website lets you adapt the costs to fit your budget. Cost breakdown:

  • Website domain ($12 – $60)
  • Service subscription or website hosting ($35 – $600) 
  • Website template or theme ($0 – $200)
  • SEO tools ($0 – $90)
  • A copywriter to help you fine-tune your content ($0 – $5,000) 


Cutting back on some of these costs is possible, but a website people trust needs flawless presentation.

How Much Does a Website Builder Cost?

Prime quality DIY website builders like Wix or Squarespace cost a minimum of $16 per month, and this small fee lets you build an ad-free website to a sufficient standard if you are looking for something basic. Or, stick to WordPress but choose a website builder like Elementor, which seamlessly installs onto WordPress as a plugin. With this web design tool, you can create modules, use widgets, and get creative with your format and styling skills. 

Hiring a Freelancer for Your Website Design 

Some people hire a freelancer hoping it will take the pressure off, but the truth is far more complex. When a freelancer is involved, the client becomes the project manager and must provide a sitemap and design ideas, and write the copy (unless you hire a copywriter). This process is deceptively time-consuming and requires the client to be organized, communicative, and on the ball 24/7.

Hiring an Agency for Your Website Redesign 

With an agency, everything is taken care of for you. Although it is the most expensive option (costing anywhere from $8k-$30k), the agency will work alongside you to devise an overall strategy, not just a flashy website. The agency will help you build your sitemap architecture using data about your customers and conversion rate optimization techniques, spurring your business forward by generating more leads. 

In short, investing in your website is always worth it. The extra leads generated by a professionally produced website will pay for the costs in no time, scaling your business to thrive long-term. Depending on how much you sell your product for, the number of clicks needed for a profit will vary. But overall, a more strategic website will bring in more traffic, leaving you with more conversions.

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What Affects the Cost of Hiring a Website Designer or Agency? 

Naturally, the bigger the website, the greater the cost — but size isn’t everything. A complex site with interactive features, innovative design, and impressive programming will send you up a price bracket. And choosing between managed or unmanaged hosting and basic or top-notch security will make a difference, too. Lastly, if your website requires ongoing maintenance (and the best ones do), you must factor this into your budget. 

How to Reduce the Cost of Hiring a Website Designer

On average, the cost to build a website with a website designer is almost $7k. For many, this hefty sum is simply not an option, but don’t fall into the trap of choosing a suspiciously cheap designer — it’s probably too good to be true. Instead, head to WordPress to start building your site yourself, but hire a designer to customize and manage it for you. This is the cost-effective middle ground between DIY and fancy design, costing anywhere from $150 per month, depending on your requirements.

Building a Website Yourself Without an Agency: The Risks

For agencies, designing and building websites is their skill set. We need these agencies in today’s world as they offer essential skills, helping businesses promote themselves and grow. A credible website will be mobile-responsive, quick to load, and easy to update. As this makes visitors to your site trust what you are saying, it increases their likelihood of converting on your page. You may save in the short term when you DIY, but what will you lose in lost opportunities and wasted time? 

The Benefits of Growth-Driven Design

Growth-driven design (GDD) is a new process that continuously improves your website by tracking user data. It usually begins with a smaller minimum viable product (MVP) website and grows as time goes on, built on the premise that the website will quickly understand what the user wants and adapt to meet those needs. Think of your website like a living organism: it needs attention and care to grow and evolve. By updating your website frequently, you can be sure that it consistently meets the ever-changing requirements of your clients.


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How Content and Copywriting Can Affect a Website Redesign

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Compelling and engaging copy

  • Boosted conversion rates

A New Perspective on the Price of a Website Design

Think of your website as a new addition to your team. It is your No. 1 marketing strategy and will generate more leads and attract more interest than any other member of staff (or human) could. A quality website is your top sales rep — investing in it is essential.

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