StoryBrand Website Examples

The StoryBrand framework is a revolutionary concept created by Donald Miller, the bestselling author of Building a StoryBrand. It is centered around the idea that businesses can use storytelling to create powerful and effective messaging that resonates with their target audiences. The framework works by helping companies create a “storybrand” that speaks to their core customers in a way that is both meaningful and memorable. It provides a simple structure for crafting customer-focused marketing messages that are rooted in the psychology of human behavior. This messaging framework is extremely useful when planning and building a new website design. Below are hand-picked examples of different website categories. Use these to inspire your own StoryBrand and website redesign.


Website Categories

If you’re looking for inspiration for your BrandScript, wireframe or homepage redesign, you’ve come to the right place! This list is curated from the top StoryBrand Guides. It is organized by industry.

  • Contractor Websites

  • Lawyer and Law Firm Websites

  • Health & Wellness Websites

  • Coaching Websites

  • Non-Profit Websites

  • Church Websites

  • Financial Services Websites

  • Education Websites

Lawyer StoryBrand Example Websites


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Contractor StoryBrand Examples

Health & Wellness StoryBrand Examples


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Financial Services StoryBrand Examples

Coaching StoryBrand Examples

Non-Profit StoryBrand Examples

Non-profit Storybrand websites are an effective tool for non-profits to communicate their message and mission. They provide a powerful platform that can help organizations reach more people, build relationships, and increase donations. Storybrand websites offer an easy way to tell compelling stories about the work of an organization while also providing key information such as contact details, services offered, and donation options.

Church StoryBrand Examples

Church storybrand websites are an effective way for churches to reach their members and potential visitors. By using the StoryBrand framework, these websites help create a clear message that is easy to understand and remember. The goal of this type of website is to draw people into the church by providing compelling content and visuals that will engage them in meaningful conversations about faith and spirituality.

Need Guidance on StoryBrand Web Design?

By using StoryBrand, businesses can create more meaningful connections with their customers and prospects, helping to drive sales and increase brand awareness. It is a great way for companies to stand out from the competition by providing compelling and memorable stories that will engage their target audiences. At Bend Marketing, we can help you craft your homepage messaging and BrandStory. We then can use our award-winning website design services to bring it to life! We’ll take you from a brochure website that costs you thousands in lost sales to a compelling WordPress site that gets customers excited to buy and that is easy for you to edit.

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